jueves, 21 de febrero de 2008

Al fin!!!!!!!!!!!!

al fin ya estan todos los 3º jobs de ragnarok online aki os dejo la lista de los jobs

Class names are as follows. To avoid confusion, I’m using the Korean class names.

Rune Knight (Changes from Knight, Lord Knight)
Warlock (Changes from Wizard, High Wizard)
Ranger (Changes from Hunter, Sniper)
Arc Bishop (Changes from Priest, High Priest)
Guillotine Cross (Changes from Assassin, Assassin Cross)
Mechanic (Changes from Black Smith, White Smith)
Royal Guard (Changes from Crusader, Paladin)
Shura (Changes from Monk, Champion)
Sorcerer (Changes from Sage, Professor)
Dark Chaser (Changes from Rogue, Chaser)
Generic (Changes from Alchemist, Creator)
Minstrel (Changes from Bard, Clown)
Wanderer (Changes from Dancer, Gypsy)

You must be level 99 in order to change into third class. You can change as either 99 base class, or 99 trans class. The primary advantage of going transcendent before becoming third class is that you of course have access to the advanced skills that trans classes offer.

“Shura” refers to the characters in the monk/champion’s strongest skill, Ashura Haouken (Guillotine Fist on iRO). Shura means fighting or carnage on the battlefield.

And yes, the 3rd class for bard on kRO is minstrel, the name they gave 2nd class on iRO.

P.d: para los k no sepan ingles basicamente dice k para ser 3º job tendras k ser lvl 99 o de normal o de renacido y k la ventaja de cambiar a 3º job siendo renacido es k podras tener las skills de renacido y referente al jond Ashura k viene del monk/champ hace referencia a la skill Ashura Haouken y ya ta.

La info fue sacada de rune-nifelheim

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